Neil Crossland:    Compositions to Date


Ballet “Catharsis” Op.28 1 mvt

Orchestral Works

Symphony No 1 Op.22 1 mvt
Violin Concerto Op.10 3 mvts
Trumpet Concerto Op.7 3 mvts
Guitar Concerto Op.13 3 mvts
Piano Concerto Op.26 3 mvts

Choral Works

Requiem Op.43 15 mvts
Our Father (Piano & Soprano) Op.44 1 mvt
Our Father (Soprano, Choir & Orchestra) Op.44b 1 mvt
Ave Maria Op.45 1 mvt
Ave verum corpus Op.46 1 mvt

Piano works

Piano Suite Op.1 4 mvts
Piano Sonata No 1 “Grand” Op.5 3 mvts
Piano Sonata No 2 “Hypnosis” Op.12 4 mvts
“Black” Op.20 2 mvts
Prelude No. 1 Op.21 1 mvt
Prelude No. 2 Op.21 1 mvt
Improvisation (For left hand) Op.24 1 mvt
Variations and Finale to Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”

Piano Duet (4 hands)

Op.27 1 mvt
Piano Concerto (2 pianos) Op.26 3 mvts
Six Miniatures Op.33  
Paganini variations Op.35  
Fantasie sentimental Op.39 1 mvt
Schubert Piano sonatas – Completions Op.40  
Yorkshire Suite Op.41 5 mvts
Funk the fugue Op.42 1 mvt
Piano Sonata No. 3 ” The Awakening” Op.58 3 mvts

Solo works

Memoirs Bassoon Op.9 1 mvt
Introduction & Allegro Guitar Op.18 2 mvts
Five Images Cello Op.36 5 mvts
Atmospheres Violin Op. 56 5mvts


Instrumental Works

Three Dialogues Clarinet & Piano Op.2 3 mvts
Cello Sonata Cello & Piano Op.16 1 mvt (joined)
Grave Cello & Piano Op.17 3 mvts
Fragments Two Guitars Op.14 6 mvts
Escapades Viola & Piano Op.3 3 mvts
Reminiscences Flute/Alto & Piano Op.15 5 mvts
Five Pieces Violin & Piano Op.25 5 mvts
Foret de Pluie Flute, Vln & Piano Op.8 1 mvt
Woodlands Flute, Ob. & Cl. Op.23 6 mvts
String Quartet No. 1 “Imitations” String Quartet Op.11 1 mvt
String Quartet No. 2 String Quartet Op.19 5 mvts
String Quartet No. 3 String Quartet Op.29 4 mvts
Piano Sextet “Collision” Op.30 1 mvt
Piano Trio No.1  ‘Trio Requiem’ Vln, Cello & Piano Op.32 5 mvts
Piano Trio No.2  ‘Damage’ Vln, Cello & Piano Op.37 3 mvts
Violin Sonata in D minor “The Romantic”  Violin &piano Op.59 3 mvts

Voice & piano

Title: Lyrics
Preludes (4 songs) T S Eliot Op.4 Baritone & Piano
Marina T.S. Elliot Op.6 Tenor & Piano
4 songs ————————— Op.31 Bar/Sop&piano
How Beautiful it is Here G. Galina Op.31 No.1 Bar/Sop& piano
Forget Down Sara Cunningham Op.31 No.2 Bar/Sop& piano
How My Heart Aches G. Galina Op.31 No.3 Bar/Sop& piano
Yesterday We Met Yakov Polonsky  Op.31 No.4  Bar/Sop& piano
Death by Water T S Eliot Op.34 No.1 Bar. & Piano
Into my heart an air that kills A E Housman Op.34 No.2 Bar. & Str. Quartet
3 songs ————————— Op.47 Soprano&Piano
Do not stand at my grave and weep Mary Elizabeth Frye Op.47 No.1 Soprano & Piano
Remember Christina Rossetti Op.47 No.2 Soprano & Piano
Oh my darling Guy Garret W. Wheeler (Adapted: N.Crossland) Op.47 No.3 Soprano & Piano
Tears, Idle Tears Alfred, Lord Tennyson Op.48 Soprano & Piano
To a Sky Lark William Wordsworth Op.49 Soprano & Piano
4 Songs —————————– Op.50 Soprano & Piano
Before my Window G Galina Op.50 No.1 Soprano & Piano
Don’t fear death Alexander Blok Op.50 No.2 Soprano & Piano
Spellbound Emily Bronte Op.50 No.3 Soprano & Piano
Happy Birthday Guy Neil Crossland Op.50 No.4 Soprano & Piano
3 Bronte Songs —————————— Op.51 Soprano & Piano
Shall earth no more inspire thee Emily Bronte Op.51 No.1 Soprano & Piano
If this be all Anne Bronte Op.51 No.2 Soprano & Piano
Parting Charlotte Bronte Op.51 No.3 Soprano & Piano
Ave Maria Op.53 Cantor/Choir & Piano
Ave Maria Op.53a Cantor/Choir & Orchestra
3 Songs    —————————- Op.54 Soprano & Piano
How do I love thee Elizabeth Barrett Browning Op.54 No.1 Soprano & Piano
I think of you Neil Crossland Op. 54 No.2 Soprano & Piano
I carry your heart E.E Cummings Op.54 No.3 Soprano & Piano
A Dream within a Dream Edgar Allan Poe Op.55 Soprano & Piano
A Dream within a Dream Edgar Allan Poe Op.55a Soprano & Str.trio
 Songs of travel& rest  ————————  Op.57  Soprano & piano
Uphill Christina Rossetti  Op.57 No.1  Soprano &piano
The Road not Taken Robert Frost Op.57 No.2 Soprano &piano
Travelling again Du Fu Op.57 No.3 Soprano &piano
From a railway carriage Robert Louis Stevenson Op.57  No.4 Soprano &piano
The Tramps Robert William Service Op. 57 No.5 Soprano &piano
On a Journey Herman Hesse Op.57 No.6 Soprano &piano
 Come rest awhile  Lucy Maud Montgomery  Op.57 No.7  Soprano &piano